Disc Jockey Packages

These packages are the Foundation of our DJ Service. They range from 5 - 7 hours of service all of which can be customized to meet your needs. You can choose any of the three packages and aslo upgrade them with larger sound systems, trussing, lighting... the possiblitlies are endless!

BASIC                                   $500

DJ service up to 5 hrs (i.e. 8pm-1am)
Professional sound system for up to 300 People
2 Speakers & Stands
750 Watts of Pure Power
Microphone (cordless Available)
M.C. & Announcing 
Large Library of Music all on Compact Disc

PLUS                                    $600

Identical Package as Basic but with
6 Hrs of DJ Service (i.e. 7pm-1am)

STANDARD                          $700

Identical Package as Basic but with 
7 Hrs fo DJ Service (i.e. 6pm - 1am)

Lighting Packages

Lighting adds excitement and atmosphere to the dance floor! We offer packages that range from a conservative light show to the ultimate dance club environment!

BRONZE                                                      $150

This package is best suited for those who want a little more than just 
the DJ Package.  This light show is modest but packs a colorful punch!

Lighting f/x: 1 Moon Beam & 1 Vertigo

Ideal for Approx: 100 guests 

SILVER                                                         $300

This package contains twice as much as the Bronze Package with your
choice of either a fog or bubble machine.  Twice the Punch!

Lighting f/x: 2 Moon Beams, 1 Vertigo & 1 Line Dancer
Special f/x: Fog or Bubble Machine
T-Bar Light Stand

Ideal for Apporx: 100-250 guests

GOLD                                                           $450

This gold package adds excitement and dramatic color for 
your event!  With the addition of Multi-colored Scanners, 10ft 
trussing system, and Fog & Bubbles, this lighting rig ROCKS!

Lighting f/x: 2 Moon Beams, 1 Vertigo, 1 Line Dancer &
                   2 Multi-Colored Scanners
Special f/x: Fog & Bubble Machine
12ft Trussing System

Ideal for Approx: 200-500 guests

PLATINUM                                                   $600

With the upgrade to intelligent lighting and moving heads, this package provides and ultimate club like feel for your event.

4 Intelligent Moving Heads
2 Intelligent LED Lighting f/x 

Disco Ball

Fog & Bubble Machine

14ft Trussing System